Micropiles for Deep Foundations in Jackson, WY

When constructing a building, it's crucial to ensure that its foundation is strong enough to bear the weight of the structure above it. This is where a deep foundation comes into play. A deep, driven pile foundation is recommended for Jackson, WY projects by geotechnical engineers in cases where the design loads are very large or the soil at shallow depth is poor. Creating a driven pile foundation in Jackson involves transferring building loads to deeper soils than are used in a normal foundation, through the use of micropiles driven deep into the ground. This ensures that tall or very large structures remain stable over time.

What Are Micropiles and How Do They Work?

Micropiles, also known as mini piles or pin piles, are small-diameter, high-performance vertical structural elements of a deep foundation. These elements are made of high-strength steel casing, rebar, and grout and can support loads of over 200 tons. Typically ranging between 5 and 12 inches in diameter, they can extend to depths of up to 200 feet. These small diameter piles are drilled into the ground and transfer the structural load through unsuitable soil layers to more stable soils. 

This technique has proved to be highly effective in stabilizing structures in areas with challenging soil conditions or other obstacles that make building a larger foundation impossible.

Why Use Micropiles in Jackson, WY

Micropiles are often used to create deep foundations in Jackson, WY when there are natural or man-made obstructions to wider foundations. This includes projects with sensitive ground or adjacent structures, limited access, low headroom, or karstic geology. Micropiles can also be used to replace deteriorating foundation systems, support structures affected by adjacent construction, or for seismic retrofitting or in-situ reinforcement including embankment, slope, and landslide stabilization.

They are also ideal for projects that require slope stabilization, such as bridges and transmission towers. With their ability to provide stability and support even in the most challenging environments in and around Jackson, WY, micropile foundations are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry.

micropiles diagram

Call the Best Micropile Foundation Contractors in Jackson

When it comes to building a deep foundation in Jackson, micropile installation is a popular and effective option. However, it is important to ensure that installation is carried out by a micropile contractor that has the necessary expertise and experience. 

Hiring local experts in Jackson for micropile installation on your deep foundation can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards. With our knowledge of local soil conditions and building codes, Yellowstone can help you select the right type of micropile and install it in a way that maximizes your building’s load-bearing capacity. Don't leave the safety and stability of your structure to chance – call Yellowstone Geotechnical Construction, the premier micropile installation experts in Jackson, WY.