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Probe Injection for Bridges

Both natural and man-made causes can lead to weak soils beneath bridge abutments and approach/departure ramps. The original soil composition may have included loosely packed materials that were not packed well before construction, or nearby drilling or excavation may have resulted in compromised soil quality. Weak soils eventually cause foundation settlement, slab cracks, and road dips when not repaired correctly.

Probe injection applications are a rapid and economical repair solution for bridges. Whether your project requires bridge soil stabilization, foundation lifting, or ramp repair, this method delivers immediate results.

bridge supports over railroad

Our Bridge Repair Applications

Probe injection involves the use of structural polymer injected into base and subgrade soils to increase their load-bearing capacity. The strong high-density polyurethane foam is lightweight, cures quickly, is environmentally inert, and provides years of reliable stability. Bridge repair applications that we use Probe injection for include:

  • Cracks in concrete slabs
  • Bridge foundation repair and lifting
  • Settled bridge approach and departure ramps
  • Inadequate transitions between road and bridge

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