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The team at YGC delivers high-quality solutions and customer care that stand apart from the typical contractor experience. We saw a need for better solutions, better experiences, and a better approach to how many geotechnical engineering and construction services in Montana were being offered. We have made it our mission to change the status quo by going above and beyond for our customers and our employees. We collaborate with design professionals from all over our region to both design and execute the absolute best approach for your project needs. From earth retention to foundation repair, our Montana team offers it all! With Yellowstone by your side, you will see a difference.

Customized Commercial Solutions

At Yellowstone GeoCon, we provide innovative solutions that are professionally designed, constructed, and tested. Our Montana geotechnical engineering and construction team can assist with design, layout, construction, and testing per your project’s contract requirements.

Common Situations
We Address

New Construction Piers, Pilings, and Anchors.

As varied as the topography is of this beautiful area we live in, so are the subsurface conditions. Whether the ground profile consists of soil types that are highly prone to consolidation or collapse or clays that can exert incredible swell pressures, YGC has deep foundation options that are suited for our diverse geological profiles. YGC owns the most capable micropile drill rig in the northern Rockies which shows our commitment to providing the best solutions available, and we’re local!

Failing slabs on roads and bridges.

Separated or uneven slabs and faulty joints on roads lead to hazardous, poor driving conditions. YGC has an economical solution to restabilize sloping highways and rough bridge ramps, with minimal interruption.

Cracked, uneven grain bin/silo slabs.

Our deep probe injection is a cost-effective, durable solution for concrete slabs in agricultural settings. We can permanently lift and restabilize grain silo slabs, equipment pads, and more.

Dangerous slope failure.

Soil erosion and runoff pose a serious threat to civil structures like roads, railways, and other transit systems. YGC utilizes tieback anchors and soil nails to prevent hazardous slope failures.

Temporary earth retention for construction.

When civil or commercial projects require temporary slope stabilization, we can assist in the design and installation of tieback anchors and soil nails to retain soil and prevent movement during construction.

Commercial foundation remediation.

When remediation or new installations are necessary for commercial projects like municipal and industrial structures, YGC is the leading team in the area for deep foundation retrofit solutions, new construction applications, and testing.