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Yellowstone Geotechnical Construction is the leading concrete contractor in Montana for deep foundation repair solutions, new construction applications, and testing. Our team of foundation experts uses specialized products exclusive to YGC. We provide innovative solutions that are appropriately tested and professionally installed from multi-family and retail buildings to industrial and municipal properties.

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Benefits of Push Piles

Push piles, or push piers, are a type of pier system designed with high-strength round steel tubes and a load transfer bracket (retrofit foundation repair bracket) used to stabilize sinking or settling foundations. The piers are pushed into the ground using a hydraulic ram until they reach load-bearing strata, transferring the weight of the structure to the stable soil. Used exclusively for retrofit applications, push pier systems are a viable option for tight installation spaces and heavier structures in need of deep foundation systems in Montana

Push Pile Applications

Though similar to helical piles, there are specific construction projects that push piles that are used exclusively for. Because they use the structure’s counterweight to hydraulically drive down into competent soils, push piers are only used for buildings that are heavy enough to achieve enough resistance to either stabilize the load or lift it. Structures that push piles work for include:

  • Multi-story buildings
  • Heavy brick buildings
  • Large commercial structures
  • Structures with reinforced concrete footings

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