Agricultural Concrete Leveling in Montana & Wyoming

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Where We Can Level Concrete

When concrete slabs become cracked or uneven, it’s because of weak soils that are no longer stable enough to provide adequate support. Voids develop, causing the slabs to settle and sink over time. Traditional solutions, like mud jacking, merely offer temporary support that needs to be reapplied more often, making it less cost-effective and durable than our Probe Injection method. Agricultural areas that we commonly apply Probe Injection to include:

  • Grain bins
  • Loading docks
  • Equipment pads
  • Quonset flooring
  • Barn floors & structures

Our Probe Injection Leveling Solution

Probe Injection is a faster, more cost-effective method that involves the use of structural polymer injected into base and subgrade soils to increase their load-bearing capacity. The strong high-density polyurethane foam is lightweight, cures quickly, is environmentally inert, and provides years of reliable stability. Once problem areas have been identified, our geotechnical experts will develop an injection plan to permanently stabilize your concrete.

sinking slab of concrete

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